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Leavenworth Towing Service has been delivering excellent towing services and roadside assistance for years. With us, you are guaranteed to quickly receive the best service. It will come from an expert tow truck operator who will get you back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible.

Not only are our towing service operators experienced and trained. They are fully equipped to provide any towing service or roadside assistance needs you have. 

Whether you need a relatively minor service such as a battery jump start service, tire change or flat tire help, or lockout service, or maybe something more major like a full tow truck service. Also, wrecker service, or winching service, we’re able to provide all these services and more.

Our swift response times, great prices, and five star customer experiences. It make us the preferred choice for towing service in the Leavenworth area!

Please Note

* Prices vary depending on size of vehicle, time of day, and what equipment is needed. Call now for an instant stress free price.

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We provide all these services and more. Call any time of the day or night and you’ll get a response from a real life operator who will swiftly dispatch help. We are available at all hours of the day, on holidays, and in rain or shine.

Roadside Assistance in Leavenworth

Here are some of the services we offer in the Leavenworth area:

+ Leavenworth Roadside Assistance such as Flat Tire Help, Battery Jump Start, Lock Out Services, and Fuel Delivery

+ Winching Service (and off-road vehicle upon request)

+ Motorcycle Towing

+ Wrecker Service and Accident / Collision Recovery

+ Tow Truck Service

Leavenworth Kansas Towing


☒ Private lot towing without a contract. To set up a private lot impounding contract, please give us a call at 913-270-8545 (click to call)

☒ Impounded Vehicle location. Unfortunately we are unable to provide any help in gathering information regarding an impounded vehicle. Please call the Leavenworth Police Department at (913) 682-4411.

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Reasons to Choose Leavenworth Towing Service

1. Lightning Fast Service, Day or Night

A minute can feel like an hour when you’re stranded or having car troubles. We understand the stress and frustration that accompany these times, so don’t waste any time in calling our HOTLINE. We’ll pick up the phone right away and quickly get help dispatched to your location. No leaving a message, no call-backs. Time is critical!

2. Expert Towing Professionals

We only work with the best towing service providers. The accumulative years of experience they have in professional towing and roadside assistance gives them the ability to quickly and safely provide the service you requested. The last thing you want when you’re already dealing with a stressful situation like car trouble or a wreck.

It is to have an amateur show up (hours late) and possibly even damage your vehicle. You can count on our professional towing experts to resolve your problem safely and appropriately.

3. Finest Towing Equipment

We intensively maintain our tow trucks and towing equipment to ensure that every rescue and service goes smoothly and leaves you happy. This ensures that our operators are able to provide the full service promised in the swiftest and safest way for you.

Improperly maintained equipment can damage your vehicle, so it is of upmost importance to us that our equipment is maintained exquisitely.

4. Best Value Around (Service & Price)

When it comes to accidents and car problems, the last thing you want is a cheap service that will leave you waiting for hours or do the job wrong when they finally arrive. Our prices are low and extremely competitive, but we maintain rigorous standards of quality so that we can continue to provide the five star customer experiences our company’s reputation is built on.

When you combine the years of experience, the swift response, the customer service, and everything else that’s part of each and every service we provide, we’re proud to say you won’t find a better value around. 

5. Leavenworth is Our Home, We're Always Around

Regardless of where you live in or around Leavenworth, we pretty much always have a vehicle or two not too far off. As a local towing company, we provide services to our local community of Leavenworth, and we pride ourselves on our swift response times.

No problem is too great or too small for us. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple problem like a dead battery or a complex problem like a wrecker service. We’ll take your call, day or night, rain or shine.

Five Star Customer Service

If you don’t take pride in what you do, you’ll never succeed in it. The sheer number of years our towing service providers have accumulated in the service of this line of duty is impressive. Their pride in what we do each and every day shines through in every five star customer interaction we have.

The team here at Leavenworth Towing Service understand that you’re probably having a bit of a rough day if you’re having to call us. But we’re here to make it better, to get you back on course. Regardless of what your specific problem is. Our goal is to resolve it in such a successful and satisfactory way that we’ll earn your repeat business for years to come.

#1 Reliable Service

You can ask anyone around and they’ll tell you the same thing. There is a big difference between a cheap quality towing service and a cheaply priced towing service. One will make you wait hours while you think they’re on their way, the other will dispatch and keep you updated.

One will arrive and take a long time to unconfidently resolve your issue, and the other will will swiftly arrive and expertly resolve all problems. One might even damage your vehicle while providing the service, but the other has been in the game for too long to do that.

We understand you’re looking for a good price when you need our services, and that’s why we price them so competitively for the area. But we’ve seen it again and again, someone hires the cheapest service they can find and hours later they call us.

We arrive swiftly and get them on their way without much of a hitch. 
And they tell us they wish they had just called us to begin with. When it comes to being stranded, your safety and the swiftness of getting back on the road is paramount. We will never sacrificed the quality of your service just so we can take off a few more dollars. After waiting for an hour in the heat or cold, a few dollars never seems to matter anyway!

Any Service You Need, Just Call

We provide a wide array of roadside services. Whether your car is stuck in a ditch, you’re locked out, got a flat tire, or ran out of gas. Our roadside assistance service in Leavenworth will promptly be dispatched to your location. For more complex needs, our tow truck services include all local towing.

Also the tow truck service, wrecker service, motorcycle towing, and more. As always, our ultimate aim is to deliver such a great experience that we’ll earn your repeat business and reference for years to come. For any towing or roadside assistance need you have, give our hotline a ring!

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